Shock As Government Deports Miguna Miguna From His Own Country

Miguna Miguna Deported Arrested Detained Killed Poisoned

Kenya is being treated to what was witnessed during the Nazi era where countries deported citizens from their own countries.
Miguna Miguna was ejected from the country yesterday to Canada via Amsterdam. The fiery lawyer boarded a KLM flight minutes to 10pm.
Nelson Havi, Cliff Ombeta and Dr John Khaminwa, Miguna Miguna's lawyers, have all confirmed that the self proclaimed lawyer was forced out of the country without their knowledge.
Dr John Khaminwa who confirmed that Miguna Miguna was already out of Kenya's airspace said that move made by the government was such a travesty of justice.
It is not clear what part of the law the government used to deport Miguna because he is a Kenyan citizen by birth and no mistake made by him guarantees deportation as a punishment.
He is a dual citizen of Kenya and Canada and it is said the government may have confiscated any documents that show he is Kenyan therefore making it hard for him to come back to Kenya once he steps back in Kenya.

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