TSC To Rehabilitate Teachers Struggling With Addiction

TSC To Rehabilitate Teachers Struggling With Addiction

Teachers Service Commission Director Janet Onyango has said the rising number of teachers struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction is affecting service delivery and quality of education in the country.
In effect, the Teachers Service Commission is collecting data on teachers addicted to drugs and alcohol in Embu Country to begin a rehabilitation program.
Speaking during an event in Kangaru School, the director said many teachers abandon their work at the end of the month and only show up back to school when their salary is done with. The salary is usually spent on alcohol.
Many of these teachers with an alcohol problem are not in healthy relationships with their supervisors hence hostility in school.
This has in turn impacted negatively on students who watch the hostilities at play. The quality of education has been, needless to say, been compromised.
Janet Onyango however said that these teachers were suffering from an actual disease and thus should not be subjected to blanket condemnation from the stakeholders.
The rehabilitation program is miles away from the tradition where teachers found drunk at work were immediately fired.

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TSC To Rehabilitate Teachers Struggling With Addiction

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