Cyprian Nyakundi Behind Bars Yet Again

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi at a police station after a previous arrest.
Controversy always follows him and he has become so used to being arrested that he does not fear anymore. It is also clear that his arrests are commisioned by powerful persons in the governmnent out to revenge for themselves or for their cliques.
He recently tweeted that he had been summoned to the Department of Criminal Investigations over concerns that he had insulted Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko.
After reporting to the police, he was arrested and put behind bars.
A picture of him surfaced after he was visited by lawyers and he cut a sad figure even though he had a smile on his face.
The blogger has been locked up at Muthaiga Police Station.

The DCI questioned him over 'disturbing' posts he made on his social media pages doubting the validity of KPLC's M.D. Ken Tarus academic credentials and other claims on Kenya Power after frequent blackouts and prepaid power mishap.

Furthermore, Mr. Nyakundi is under investigation over criticism posts he made against Governor Waiguru.
We now know that after he is released, he will still continue to speak his mind. The government should realize that they are not punishing him. Rather, they are making him more powerful and influential.
He is set to appear in court today.

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