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King Kaka Is Everything That Is Wrong With The Music Industry

King Kaka Is Everything That Is Wrong With The Music Industry

While his peers take the long road of taking time to make studio albums, he has instead chosen to churn out half baked records week in week out. He embodies the laziness that has plagued the Kenyan industry ever since the movers and shakers moved out after losing the war against piracy.
King Kaka started off well, his initial music were genuinely good, received massive airplay and were critically acclaimed. Those songs include Swahili Shakespeare, Bangaiza among others.
Many were optimistic that King Kaka would be the much needed breathe of fresh air in an industry choking of veterans who refused to either change to reflect the current needs or pave way for new talent.
The disappointment has been painful. King Kaka sold his soul to the devil. He quickly created networks in the media and put the ever for sale entity to his pockets. He has made sure that radio presenters and TV shows presenters alike play his music whether the music in question is below par or not.
People are finding it hard to believe that King Kaka went to the studio and made a song called Ugali. The song lyrics were repetitive and tasteless but the song was played for several weeks anyway.
Our media is so corrupt it is impossible to gauge someone's clout based on the hype they receive from the media.
A look at his YouTube channel speaks volumes about how much damage one single man has done to an industry that looked up to him. Tonnes and tonnes of songs that neither have a tail nor head.
Sauti Sol once joked that some signees of King Kaka should sign him instead because they pull more crowds than him. Sauti Sol was right.
King Kaka needs to step up his game or fade away like the rest that refused to put out quality content. He also has the option of quitting music altogether and concentrate on corp-orates and talent management.

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