Susan Kihika Savagely Attacks Bahati MP For Playing With Her Name

Susan Kihika Savagely Attacks Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri For Playing With Her Name
Do not play with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika's name. This is a lesson that Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri is learning the hard way after he went on television to express his disappointment with the manner in which the senate is handling the Solai Dam tragedy.
Susan Kihika took issue with Kimani Ngunjiri objections with the National Security, Defense and Foreign Relations' decision to prosecute Solai Dam's owner without trial.
She went on Facebook and gave the second time member of parliament a piece of her mind.
Why am I not Surprised by the utterance of one Kimani Ngunjiri, MP Bahati? He was live on TV yesterday morning castigating me and the Senate’s Standing Committee on National Security, Defense and Foreign Relations for visiting Solai on the dam disaster to condole the victims and establish what really went wrong?
It has to be because he is clearly an ignorant, illiterate legislator who does not understand the work of a Parliamentary Committee. Well into his second term he should probably get inducted again. Then again that would be tantamount to wasting tax payers money! The case of trying to teach an old dog new tricks.
Being born in Solai does not make him an expert of the dam as he claims. He might have seen it as he walked from his village to school (maybe not to school perhaps to the shops) but that does not make him an expert. What is he so afraid of by letting an investigation take its course? Wouldn’t that be what any objective leader would want to see happen? Isn’t that the most important work of committees in Parliament? Then again how would he know when we have never seen him involved in any serious Parliamentary work?
He claims to have all the paperwork that shows the dam was legal, and that the owner is innocent why hasn’t he produced that paperwork to the investigating authorities instead of just shouting on TV? This is getting interesting, it’s quite obvious whose brief this man is holding!
He needs to get his facts right before coming for me. He might be well advised that am not one who is easily cowed or intimidated and especially not by loud mouth ignorant fools. His sycophantic tendencies based on the highest bidder do not surprise me. Then again it appears like he might be a shareholder, a stakeholder, if you know what I mean!
Someone tell him to stick to his lane and let me do what Wanjiku, Chepkirui, Moraa, Akinyi, Sankale, Nekesa etc (who he may not be familiar with) sent me to the Senate to do.
By the way what was that scandal in the National Papers recently about an MP who presented fake academic papers to the IEBC all about (not that it’s related to any of this), just random thoughts?
The post by the former Nakuru County Assembly speaker is going viral and has since been shared by close to three hundred Facebook users.

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