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Elodie Zone Quits YouTube

Elodie Zone Quits YouTube

The decision by Elodie Zone to delete all her YouTube videos (save for one on depression) and quit altogether brings to the end an era of great content and an illustrious career.
Elodie Zone made the announcement to her more than 100,000 followers on Instagram saying she was quitting because the platform wasn't making her happy anymore.
While acknowledging the fact that everyone else was trying to think of new content, she was struggling to level up her old work.
Elodie Zone Quits YouTube

She says there are chances she might go back to making YouTube videos but for now she is trying to discover what makes her happy.
Here's her full statement.
Going to take down this pic in a few days but I wanted to talk about YouTube. I decided to leave because it wasn’t making me happy anymore. I’ve been making YouTube videos for about 5 years now and while everyone else is trying to think of new content, I’m trying to level up my old work. YouTube is still my favorite social media platform and I know I’ll be back in the future. For now I’m just asking for time to discover what makes me happy. Time with my family, boyfriend and close friends is what is keeping me balanced and stable for this phase of my life so I intend on paying as much attention as possible to them.
Hoping to embark on a wilder, freedom sparked adventure now that I’ve officially moved back to the 254 and I’ll always keep you posted here on my IG.
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