He Is Not My King! Amerix Exposed As The Beta Male He Preaches Against

He Is Not My King! Amerix Exposed As The Beta Male He Preaches Against

For a very long time Kenyan Twitter has had colorful Saturdays thanks to one Erick Amunga alias Amerix, a self declared masculinity coach, with his wild and viral hashtag #MasculinitySaturday.

Amerix has for a long time tried to instill his peculiar principles on his ever growing fanbase of men. Among the things he believes a man should do is to always bathe with cold water, eat red meat, and do what he calls 'penetrate.'

Hiding behind a keyboard, he gave the impression that he was this alpha who oozes with gladiator manliness, the type the ladies would follow to the outside orbits. He is constantly preaching the lifestyle of extreme fitness, advocates for the nutrition of athletes and whatnot, so anyone reading his microblogs would expect him to play the part.

When he announced that he was going to appear on an NTV discussion panel alongside Carol Radull among others, many tuned in expecting a showdown. But all Amerix offered was lies and disappointments.

A lot of his followers were surprised to see a skinny man who could not inspire anyone to battle. And as expected, the feminists he has long waged online battles against have been having a field day body shaming him and trashing everything he said during the interview.

In an effort to solidify his gospel of the toxic masculinity, Amerix declared that he is polygamous and boasted of having four wives and two children. In an effort to assert even more dominance, he claimed that he was providing for all their needs and is constantly present for them.

Here are some of the comments.

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