Light Aircraft Crashes After Hitting Electric Pole in Lamu

Pilot Joseph Mativo Sallya escaped unhurt during the successful landing that quickly decelerated into a sounding crash as his light aircraft smashed it's way to a stand still in Lamu on Saturday June 6th. 

The plane, which belongs to an Isiolo-based company, was carrying over 500kgs of miraa when the accident happened leaving its left wing body joint and one of the propellers damaged.

It all went south for the pilot from thereon after quick verification procedures revealed he did not have any documentation from the Kenya Airport Authority to certify his flying nor a permit of any nature allowing him to ferry the cargo.

Lamu County Commissioner, Irungu Macharia said the private aircraft had landed at Kiunga Airstrip around 2.10pm and the pilot ran aground after erroneously judging the landing strip before smashing into a utility pole.

This comes on the backdrop of three plane crashes since 2014 within Lamu, all without fatalities.

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