Jacob Zuma Dumped By 25-year-old Fiancée Nonkanyiso Conco

Jacob Zuma Dumped By 25-year-old Fiancée Nonkanyiso Conco
Controversy has been a close companion to embattled former president of South Africa. Coming in the wake of probes into his administration and myriad of corruption allegations among many other ills, his young lover has flown the coop.
In great confidence she was required to keep it to herself and as we have come to learn, very few things can be kept that close. After a year in her own the damsel just had to cry out to the world.

In a very pointy Insta message she highlighted the non involvement of Jacob Zuma in the life of her son and hers.
Nonkanyiso Conco 25, called it quits and word has it the happy pair went their separate ways back in 2019 and in a twist of taste the lass is posing to be absorbed into a polygamous marriage, something that looks much like attention seeking behavior to have Jacob doing her bidding once more.
Her father confirms that Nonkanyiso in fact fled from her matrimonial home in the hills of posh Durban with her son and went to live with her mother.

The young lady and her father stopped talking when it was discovered Conco was dating Zuma, an elderly man who didn't even complete the cultural formalities of marriage.

Maybe we were rushing things and not treasuring what holds value in our lives.What if these are days to reset our lifestyles, and refuel our souls. Lesikhathi asisithathe njengomlilo opheka ukudla eziko, okunye ukudla kuyaqina makuvuthiwe okunye kuyathamba zibheke wena ufuna ukuvuthwa ubenjani.

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