Blood in Parliament as Kanini Gores At Aden Duale

Blood in Parliament as Kanini Gores At Aden Duale

Kieni MP Kanini Kega has been leading signature collection for impeachment of Garissa member of Parliament Aden Duale, signalling the woes facing National Assembly majority leader are far from over after 126 MPs from the Jubilee Party signed for his ouster.

Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya who was recently appointed secretary for Jubilee coalition in parliament after a closed door parliamentary group meeting at State House during which the initial move to replace Aden Duale as Majority leader in the August house fell through was not short of words.

In a briefing to the free press he expressed the disappointment of many members in the August house who had anticipated the reshuffling of roles saying, "MPs were left disappointed when Duale was retained in his position."

The Finance Minister of past years argued that the Garissa Township MP had lost the confidence of majority of the ruling party's lawmakers after failing to unite his political troops for a common cause while incessantly involving himself in acts of independence and selfishness.

The Kipipiri MP said the new wave of signature collection against Mr. Duale was sparked by the fact that he was among those who were highly expected to be ousted and according to Kimunya, Duale's continued stay in the position will definitely work against President Uhuru Kenyatta's plans and development agenda at the National Assembly.

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