Samsung Galaxy S8 and Other Highly Anticipated Smartphones in 2017 :Release Dates,Specs

Evolution within the smartphone sector is gaining a fast pace ,there's always something on the come up. Once you get your hands on the latest handset ,there's always an anticipation for something else (the next big thing) Over a short period of time , different smartphone brand companies  launch better smartphones with improved quality features that are most likely to change your experience tremendously.

We've broken down all smartphones and rounded up with the very best smartphones for 2017 that we found to be top notch across all platforms but still haven't been launched yet.

Anticipated Smartphones 2017
In a nutshell here are the anticipated phones for this year:   
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • Apple iPhone 8 plus
  • HTC u/ HTC Ocean
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Google Pixel 2 
 Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus
The iPhone 7 never had a huge change over the iPhone 6s ;this did not sit well with many people but all that is expected to change with the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.They are said to have updated designs and new features that will exhilarate many.

Check out the speculated specs of the iPhone 8 that is said to be released later this year in September:

Specs we might see
  •  Glass and Stainless Steel body
  • Wireless charging
  • Virtual home button or perhaps no home button at all
  • New colours (red)
  • Curved edge-to-edge OLED  display
  • Enhanced water resistance
  • Dual-lens camera-enabled AR capabilities (like the one in some Sony smartphones )
  • Apple's next-generation processor (ieA10x or A11)
  • 3GB Ram plus a bigger storage,with a new 64GB Based model
  • Of course a hefty tag price ,probably more than ksh100,000

HTC over the recent years have proved to be a productive company by introducing one of a kind smartphones with unique features that thrills people once you get your hands on one.
HTC's next big thing (handset) will go with the title HTC Ocean.This name was revealed after a video leak which showed the phone concept supported by a twitter leak. HTC launched two phones earlier this year ,that is the U Play and U Ultra  but non is a flagship phone.
Sources confirm that the flagship HTC phone ;HTC OCEAN  will be released in April 2017.
The phone is said to have no buttons and will use voice, gesture and swiping to operate it.It is expected to be glass-made and snapdragon385.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus
Samsung has launched many phones over the recent years with the S-series being the flagship smartphone.Samsung Galaxy S7  was quite impecable but not as much as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge model that was a fire hit.Samsung S8 is expected to be better than its previous S-series version.

Possible Specs of Samsung Galaxy S8 (Rumours)
  • USB port type- C Port
  • Ultra High Def 4K Resolution
  • Headphone jack
  • sim card and memory card slot
  • Facial Recognition /Iris scanning
  • Dual rear cameras
  • Narrow bezel,and bigger dual-curved display
  • A revamped virtual home button
  • A Snapdragon 835 
  • 5.8 and 6.2- inch  screens
  • Various color options that include Black,White, Gold,Silver,Violet and Blue 
It will have an assistant named Bibxy and will be available in English,Chinese ,Korean.
What we know for sure is that Samsung Galaxy S8 release date will be on March 29 in New York. Given Samsung's great experiences we expect that the S8 and the S8+ will blow our minds.

Google Pixel 2
 Most people love the Google pixel phone not only for its pure Google approach but also for the high quality of pictures you get after using its camera.
Not so much is known with the Google Pixel 2 other than it is expected to be released later this year most probably early October.
We'll update this list on a regular basis including release dates

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