How To Spot A Kenyan "Selling" On Instagram

Make no mistake that the only girl selling is she that bears the cold nights in Koinange Street waiting for you to lower down your car window. The oldest trade in the world has moved shop. And its happening right here in Kenya too. The spas and massage parlors are offering services with a happy ending. And not all eCommerce websites are selling headphones and antiviruses.
The commercial sex workers are making a killing in the internet. From the safety of their beds at home. But there is a new frontier. A kind of prostitution that did not even exist before the players invented it. Instagram. Yes. Instagram. Tonnes and tonnes of women, and men, are using Instagram to attract potential customers. And its not just your average prostitute who makes it obvious on their bio. It could be the person you least expect. Here is how to spot a Kenyan prostitute on Instagram, for educational purposes only.
  • Twerk videos
The lady has several twerk videos on her timeline. The videos are done professionally. And in scanty dressing. This is the signalling theory of marketing. She is transmitting information to potential customers by means of action.  These ladies never miss an opportunity to show off some bum in some swimwear or hot bikinis. Look no further.
  • Contact details in bio
This man or woman is not in any kind of business. At least known to people that follow them. Their posts are not related to anything you would seek clarification for. But on their bio there is an email address, a phone number and/or a link to their Snapchat. While this may be a way of popularizing their other social media accounts, these are great pointers to something more. If they indicate that you can DM them, be 100% sure they are selling.
  •  Midweek "vacation" trips
 On Monday they were off to the coast. And there are beach photos that come with it. Lots of pictures. They came back and somehow managed to go to Naivasha and now lodging pictures are littering their timelines. It could be in January or August. It doesn't matter. Such a man or woman has no job. How do they manage to fund these trips? Now we have some of them in Dubai and Nigeria.

When contacting them, be sure to use a fake Instagram account. Gauge their interest. You will be surprised by the response. But be safe. They have a habit of taking edited screenshots when the deal goes wrong. You could find yourself in a twisted situation. You know the Kenyans' love for such stories.
In marketing, there is a concept called assuming the sale. You assume that the outcome of your conversation will be exactly as you desired. If I wanted to sell you a phone, instead of asking you whether you want to buy it or not, I would assume the sale has been made and ask you which one I should wrap. The gold plated one or the silver one. Apply the same concept with the Instagram hunnies. Ask them when and where you should meet and the terms of the meeting.
 Save yourself the trip to Koinange Street.

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