Esther Passaris Quits The Nairobi Gubernatorial Race

Esther Passaris Governor

Adopt A Light Chief Executive Esther Passaris has finally quit the race to unseat Nairobi governor Evans Kidero. This move has been seen as long overdue by people who had no faith in her bid right from the beginning. The lady cited her bid becoming unrealistic over time as her reason for the decision to quit the race.
She has asked her followers on Twitter for advice on which seat to go for even as deadlines for submission of nomination papers for the majority of the parties in the country expire every other day. She claims many parties are courting her to join their camps. This, again, is seen by many as a strategy to increase the spotlight on her political clout.
Esther Passaris' decision to quit the race is wise considering the prevailing circumstances in the race. Kidero has the money machine provided to him by his incumbency. Mike Sonko is backed by his appeal to the lower class while Peter Kenneth enjoys a warm relationship with State House and many others who are close to power. She was headed for a plunge, a self-inflicted plunge that no one would have saved her from.
The lady's bid was marred with a myriad of challenges and there was possibly no chance she would make it to the ballot. Depending on Twitter polls that allow anyone to participate, whether you are underage or possess no voters' card, she launched her bid to clinch the most sought-after seat after the presidency.
A debate she had with Miguna Miguna did not do her any favours either. Miguna Miguna tore into her character, at one time calling her a prostitute and a socialite bimbo. He even claimed Esther slept with influential politicians to advance her political career. Even though Miguna was highly criticized and the show even cancelled, the damage had already been done.
The final blow on Esther's bid was delivered by the rejection of her party's registration by the registrar of parties. Esther sought to register Harambee party, a name popularly associated with the country's motto. Esther Passaris is now thrice unlucky in politics having lost to Ferdinand Waititu in the Embakasi by-elections, Rachel Shebesh in the Nairobi Women Representative race and now this. Many candidates have hit the campaign trail running and it is unlikely she will find her footing anywhere.
Esther Passaris is known to be a one issue candidate often seen and heard in public speaking about how she lit up Nairobi streets. Many find it hard to believe that she has enough courage to brag about a tender from which she profited and was in way of charity.
 It is no secret that the county race will be between Evans Kidero and the Jubilee party's candidate. Any other person in the race will drop out soon or wait to face a humiliating defeat come August the 8th. Many will drop out as the race takes shape.

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