Did President Uhuru Graduate From College? Here's The Evidence!

Uhuru Graduation

In this era of fake academic papers and forged examinations results, many Kenyans have been wondering whether their president really graduated from college or used the influence his family had in world politics to get a college degree. It is in the public domain that he graduated from Amherst College in the United States.
A Kenyan on Twitter took to the Twitter handle of the said college to ask them to confirm whether Uhuru Kenyatta was a student of theirs or not. He had earlier on written an email to them as a concerned Kenyan seeking clarification. They were kind enough to reply saying Uhuru graduated from the college in 1985. Thereafter, they referred him to their public photos.
Uhuru Kenyatta Graduation
Letter to Amherst College

Another Kenyan, Samuel Fatayah asked them the same question and they replied.

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