Shocking! An Abortion Takes Place Every 2 Days In Pwani University!

Pwani University Abortion
A recent revelation that an abortion takes place in Pwani University every 2 to 3 days has sent shock waves across the country. The abortions procured by female students take place in a clinic near the school. The clinic is famously known in the school circles even though a school administrator declined to mention its name.
The chairman of the university's department of health, Dr Osman Abdhullahi, decried the rising cases of abortions that has rocked the institution. He said a doctor who resigned from the county government and is now on private practice has documented a huge number of students who stream to his clinic to request for abortion services. He was speaking during the validation of a qualitative research on teen pregnancies. He asked the relevant parties to intervene.
Pwani University Abortions
Pwani University

The research conducted by John Njoka between November and December of 2016 named Magarini, Mtwapa and Ganze as teen pregnancy hot spots in Kilifi county. John Njoka is a research fellow from the Institute off Development Studies at the University of Nairobi.
An explanation for the rise could be the lecturers' strike that hit public universities at the beginning of this academic year. The idleness that it brought as a result came with its own package of activities.

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