William Kabogo Responds To Drug Dealing Allegations

William Kabogo Is A Drug Dealer

Governor of Kiambu William Kabogo was last night hosted by Jeff Koinange on Jeff Koinange Live to talk about the forthcoming elections. He dismissed his major opponent Waititu Babayao as someone illiterate and reckless. He termed Waititu as a sick man who he could only work with if he stopped being irresponsible.
William Kabogo disagreed with the general perception of him as an arrogant man who uses his money to step on others. He said people confuse his firmness with arrogance. He also dismissed claims by Waititu that he had murdered Mercy Keino.
Many people were curious to know what he thinks about the news in town that he is a drug dealer that has worked with Harun Mwau. Harun Mwau was labelled a drug kingpin by the Obama administration. It is said William Kabogo married Harun Mwau's daughter. It is such claims that have supported the theory that Kabogo is a drug dealer.
The governor denied those claims explaining the genesis of the claims. He said the rumors were started by his opponents when he was vying for the Juja parliamentary seat in 2002. He was campaigning using a chopper at a time when such a thing was unknown to many. He said he is a businessman who has worked hard since the age of 22 in Mombasa and is now one of the biggest real estate developers in Kenya.
Harun Mwau has no daughter. My wife is not Harun Mwau's daughter.
Watch the interview here.

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