Here Are The Churches Making Billions In Kenya

NPC CITAM, Seventh Day Adventist SDA, Coptic Mission Church

Churches in Kenya are now not only in the business of winning souls for Christ but are actively involved in profit making businesses. There is a shift being witnessed in the religious field with churches making heavy taxable investments in real estate, hospitality and farming among others. It is no longer over publicized visits to children's homes and exaggerated cries for donor funds.
Faith Evangelistic Ministries Kenya Rich Churches
Faith Evangelistic Ministries

Teresiah Wairimu for instance recently caused a stir in the media when she launched her multi billion church in Karen which looks like a cinema hall or an auditorium in some Ivy league university. The president attended that event. Nairobi Pentecostal Church also has its investments in the real estate. There was drama when some church members sued the leadership over a development project in Karen.
Kenya Rich Churches CITAM Kisumu
CITAM Kisumu

Kenya Revenue Authority has released a list of companies whose annual revenue turnover is between 300 million and 1 billion. Three churches have made it to the list.
The Coptic Orthodox church, Nairobi Pentecostal Church (NPC) and Seventh-day Adventist Church are among the "Fortune" companies in Kenya that have hit the one billion mark. Surprisingly, churches like the Catholic Church which manages and owns vast wealth in real estate, health and education sectors are not in the list. There was a tussle between the State and churches over taxation with the churches wanting to be exempted from taxation. But in this world only two things are inevitable: death and taxes.
Seventh Day Adventist Nairobi Kenya Rich Churches
Seventh Day Adventist Nairobi

Other churches not in the list but are wealthy are the JCC of the Kiunas, Helicopter Church, Jesus Is Alive, Nairobi Chapel among others.

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