Here's The Truth About Mwai Kibaki's State Of Health

Is Mwai Kibaki Dead
Mwai Kibaki
Social Media is filled with rumors that former president Mwai Kibaki and former powerful attorney general Charles Njonjo are seriously ailing and bed ridden in hospital. These rumors are probably fueled by the fact that death seems to be on a purge with almost half a dozen prominent leaders dying in the same time frame.
It started with GG Kariuki, followed by Joseph Nkaissery, Nicholas Biwott and now Bethuel Kiplagat.
While the whereabouts and state of health of Charles Njonjo can only be speculated due to his secretive and out-of-the-limelight nature, Mwai Kibaki has been in hospital outside the country and inside too.
Charles Njonjo
Charles Njonjo

But the truth of the matter is the third president of Kenya is alive and well, if his spokesperson's statement is anything to go by. Ngare Gituku took to Twitter to allay fears about Kibaki's health saying he is alive and well.
Idle rumors again? He's well and nowhere near a sanatorium.

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