IEBC Wins Ballot Papers Case Against NASA

NASA, Jubilee, Court Of Appeal Ruling, Al Ghurair, Jubilee rigging elections

The Court of Appeal has overturned Judge Odunga's ruling on the printing of presidential ballot papers and declared that public participation is not mandatory in the procurement of ballot papers. This means that IEBC has the green light to receive presidential ballot papers from Dubai based printing company Al Ghurair.
The appellate judges declared that,
 A sixth of a contract can't be held as invalid and the rest as valid.
Judge Odunga had ordered a fresh procurement process for the ballot papers for the presidential race while all the other races involving governors, senators, women representatives, members of parliaments and members of county assemblies were unaffected.
The National Super Alliance (NASA) had moved to court to block Al Ghurair from printing the papers claiming that the company is closely associated with Uhuru Kenyatta thus conflict of interest. Raila Odinga is on record saying the Jubilee government planned on rigging the elections by having the ballot papers pre-marked by Al Ghurair.
Raila said Jubilee was resorting to such tactics after all the loopholes for stealing the elections had been sealed through the courts and legislation.
Jubilee on its side has retaliated by saying Judge Odunga favors NASA since he is related to James Orengo by marriage.
NASA is constitutionally free to contest this judgement in the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court of Kenya. More details to follow.

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