Is Your Relationship Fake? Let’s Test It

Ask yourself the following statements to confirm if you are in a real relationship or not.
Be honest with yourself and you will be in a better position to decide. Good luck.

Each yes for a statement earns you one point for your total score. A topic may have two points.

You can recall the last time you had a sincere conversation with your partner.
You know what is going on in their life. You did not have to see it on Facebook.

Public Display of Affection
You are not the most touchy and lovey-dovey couple you know.

Remarkable Moments
There are exceptional memories that you two have. There is something you see or hear that makes you really miss your partner e.g. song.

You are sure of your partner’s feelings. You are sure of your feelings about them. You trust them completely.

Serious Discussions
You can discuss anything, including why you do not like something they did.
They talk about a future with you. Visiting places, having kids in the future etc.

Power Struggle
Sometimes when you argue, you let go of your ego and admit they are right.

Sexual Chemistry
Once you have satisfied your urges, you still want to talk to them.

Family and Friends
You know all if not 90% of his family and friends.

How many points did you score in total? 

0- 4:   Your relationship is fake. They are with you for something else that is not you.
5-7:   You are trying but you are not yet there. Watch out.
8-10: Things are good. There is a bright future:)

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