Revealed: Real Reason Why Railonzo's Security Was Withdrawn

Acting Interior Security CS, Fred Matiangi. PHOTO | CAPITAL FM
The security detail for the NASA principals was reduced with the CS stating that there was over-deployment and the security could be used elsewhere. Many found the timing suspicious as anxiety looms over the repeat elections that were to happen on October 17 but were later pushed to Oct 26.

Why should 20 bodyguards follow Raila to pressers?
Odinga and his co-principals do not need 20 police officers while the security assessment doesn’t show they need them
What law have we broken? The Inspector General of Police deploys police officers to duty where they are needed.
We cannot tolerate that anymore.They have pushed us to the wall and we are saying enough is enough.
Security is withdrawn because he is like any other Kenyan without particular emphasis on title or position.

NASA Response:
We are equally dismayed by the decision by Jubilee to withdraw the security detail assigned to our Presidential Candidate the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga and his Running Mate H.E. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka. This is a dangerous precedent in bad taste and we want to tell President Uhuru Kenyatta that should anything happen to any of our Principals, we shall lay the blame squarely on his shoulders. Uhuru Kenyatta as the current holder of the instruments of power is solely responsible for the security of Raila Odinga.

All over the world, governments harass their opposition to try to keep on the leash. Mostly, the activities are either to paint them in a bad light or a threat to remind them who is in charge.

As a presidential appointee and member of the cabinet, any cabinet secretary makes a decision that has been approved by the cabinet. The President is the head of the cabinet and it was obvious this was a move to show the NASA principals that there is someone in power.

In addition, as the campaign window keeps diminishing every day, politics as a game demands that you try and frustrate your opponent as much as you can.
However, to prevent backlash from citizens and other quarters, you ensure that you try to remain within the law as much as is possible.

Presenting the argument that security assessment shows no immediate threat to the leaders is a ruse to cover the real intention of destabilizing the opposition.

Obviously, you cannot separate the government from the politicians who lead it. Any decision the government makes is a majority decision within it. The politics in it is undemocratic but then again in the quest for self-preservation and status quo, men do what they have to do.

Hate the game.

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