Jela Tibim! Babu Owino Is Facing Up To 7 Years In Jail

Babu Owino Arrested Abuses Uhuru Kenyatta President Mtoto Wa Mbwa
Newly elected Embakasi East Member of Parliament might have just bitten more than he could chew as a 7 year jail term hangs over his head.
The firebrand politician made some very abusive comments that suggested the president was the son of a dog during a NASA rally.
Babu Owino, also known as Paul Ongili, later clarified that he did not mentioned the president by name and might have even been referring to SONU president. He was at the helm of SONU for four terms, a first in the University of Nairobi.
He was arrested and taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations yesterday and arraigned in court today. His lawyer Senior Counsel James Orengo asked the court to release his client on bond, a plea opposed by the prosecution which said it had compelling reasons as to why Babu should stay behind bars.
Babu Owino is facing subversion charges and uttering abusive words. The prosecution said Babu has faced charges of such nature before.
If found guilty, he could face up to 7 years in jail, something that could make him lose his seat and bury his political career.
Babu Owino's utterances sparked violent protests in Gatundu, Githurai and other areas where the president commands massive support. The protestors took to the street to demand for Babu's apologies, to both Uhuru and his mother, and his arrest and prosecution.
Babu was widely defiant on Twitter moments before his arrest saying cells are meant for human beings. He further told the public to brace for demonstrations like never witnessed before. The demos he was making reference to are ongoing and are aiming to flush Ezra Chiloba out of office.

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