Revealed: Why Isaac Rutto left NASA for Jubilee

Isaac Rutto

They call him the ‘prodigal’ son who returned home after a terrible time outside home. Many termed it ‘political suicide’ when former Bomet Governor, Isaac Ruto joined the National Super Alliance as a principal. He came with his party, Chama Cha Mashinani but the Jubilee Party wave in his home turf was too strong as it swept him off the seat. He has now returned ‘home’.
He appeared at a Jubilee rally in Kapkatet Grounds in Kericho town that was addressed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.
He said he would support the re-election of the president in the forthcoming October 17 repeat election.
Ever since election results started trickling in after August 8, many noted his absence in the press conferences held by NASA. Although the other co-principals said he was attending to other matters, it is now clear he was not.
So why did he decide to return?
Politics in any part of the world is about self interest and preservation. A politician’s decisions are motivated by what lies ahead and what seems best for him. This is why they say there is nothing like permanent enmity in politics.
After he lost his gubernatorial seat to Ms. Joyce Laboso, he now believes that he had underestimated his popularity. Indeed, he might claim that the poll had its share of irregularities, but considering his county is Jubilee territory, he was up against great forces.
In the event that the ruling party wins the next election, he will probably be rewarded with a fat position in the government.
Either way, he has better chances where he is now because of the power of incumbency.

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