Leaked KIEMS Data Allegedly Show That Less Than 4 Million Voted In Kenya Election


According to popular Kenyan blogger, Robert Alai, less than 4 million voters participated in the just-concluded presidential election. NASA coalition leader Raila Odinga has access to data from the OT-Morpho team.

According to sources, NASA now has the raw voting data from the kits which have been printed out and handed over to him.
Kenyans are nervous as they wait for Raila's major announcement that was postponed from Monday 30 October.
Since the election, Raila Odinga is on record saying that about 3.75 million Kenyans came out to vote.

In his blog, he writes;

The raw data has also been shared with the French ambassador who rushed to State House yesterday before the announcement of the winner and shared the same with the President. In the data, it is revealed that less than 4 million voted in the repeat poll, contradicting the results announced by IEBC. It is understood that a team at IEBc sexed the figured to bring it at their current levels before announcing Uhuru as the winner. The KIEMS kits identified less than 27% of the registered voters during the voting process.
It is believed that the President has not shared the same data with Deputy President William Ruto as senior and powerful Central Kenya businessmen have reached over to Raila and Uhuru and made them understand that they can still all win in this process. Sources within the Jubilee coalition reveal that the businessmen have written a memo and MOU which they will present to the two leaders and find an amicable solution to the impasse. The businessmen are mostly led by politicians who lost in the last Jubilee nominations as they strongly believe that the Deputy President fixed them.
Delays in the major announcement also show that there is some discussion happening behind the scenes.
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