Shock As IEBC Declares Uhuru Kenyatta President With 98% Of Vote

Guess who?

A small percentage of the nation of Kenya went into shock when the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission dropped a bombshell. In their earlier announcements, they said they would declare the winner of the elections that took place on Thursday 26 October 2017.

A huge majority of Kenyans turned out during the repeat poll to vote for their preferred president. After the Supreme Court of Kenya had nullified the August 8 election, the country remained in election fever. On Thursday, Kenyans came out to vote with their traditional style of taking things slowly as they trickled to the various polling stations. According to the electoral body, 3.5 million Kenyans showed up between 6am and 4pm. Then the floodgates opened.
As Kenyans realized that it was almost deadline of the polls and the polling stations would be closed, they decided to flood the polling stations in a frenzy. To avoid publicizing their last-minute tendencies, the electoral body said that the voters hid from journalists cameras.
Our news team reports that the small percentage of the nation that went into shock did not manage to see any of these voters between 4 and 5pm. You will not believe this but 4 million voters cast their ballots in that one hour.
It was a landslide of votes albeit behind the cameras.
As a result, the President garnered 7,483,895 votes out of the 7,616,217 valid votes cast, which represents a huge majority of the total registered voters.
Kenyans now look forward to the swearing ceremony, which will involve high ranking government officials and presidents from various countries.

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