We Will Kill This Cat. You Will See. Raila Says

In a much ANTICIPATED address to the nation at Uhuru Park, the NASA leader today said that whatever happens, they will the cat. He referred to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his government as a cat that has been eating chickens.

As a result, the opposition chief, who withdrew from the repeat election after the August 8 election was annulled by the Supreme Court of Kenya.
Raila joked that a cat may be killed either using a rope around it's neck or tied into a sack and thrown into water.
 He said that there was no way Kenyans will suffer injustice while the government infringes on their rights and interferes with independent bodies such as the electoral commission or the Supreme Court.
He reiterated that all of his supporters should not vote because that was a sham election that was pitting Uhuru Kenyatta against himself while the other candidates were just flower girls.
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Odinga arrives at Uhuru Park..

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