Nakumatt Shuts Down Busia And Bungoma Branches

Nakumatt Shuts Down Busia And Bungoma Branches

The trend is becoming too obvious now and not a month passes without Nakumatt shutting down a branch or two. This time round Busia and Bungoma are the victims of the purge.
We can only imagine the agony of being part of Nakumatt staff. Your job is always hanging on the line as you await the closure of your branch.
The efforts by the retail store seem not to be helping the situation. Their merger deal with Tuskys has evidently not worked as more than three branches have been closed since the merger deal that was to see Tuskys help its big brother to restock during this time of turmoil.
Many are speculating that closure of Nakumatt Ukay will be last nail on Nakumatt's coffin. We hope it is not soon.
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By Fate and Blood

LOVE WILL BUILD YOU. LOVE WILL DESTROY YOU. What do you do when you can't feed your child? Careen loses her job and remembers the one person who will not reject her son... In the bitter cold, with tears in her eyes, she abandons Henry, hoping and praying that he survives.

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