Is King Kaka The King Of Rap?

Is King Kaka The King Of Rap? Mistarillionaire
The illusory truth effect is a glitch in the human psyche that equates repetition with truth. If you repeat something often enough, people will slowly start to believe that what you are saying is true.
Many will agree with you if you said that King Kaka is capitalizing on this psychological phenomenon to install himself as the king of rap or/and music at large in this country.
King Kaka, who came to the industry as Rabbit, does not fall short of alluding to the fact that he is better than anyone else in the industry.
So much does Rabbit believe in him being the king that he put it to his name. Many have laid claim to the throne, but none of them has done so with the tenacity of Rabbit.
But is he the king?
King Kaka commands respect among the lyricists in the country for his rhymes and storytelling capabilities.
A few years back, the man took a giant leap in the gap by deciding to start releasing club bangers. He has widely succeeded save for a few songs that were an outright embarrassment to the gains the Kenyan music industry has made. One of such songs is Ugali.
Apart from making music, he has ventured into business and has a management stable for musicians and actors among them Avril, Owago Nyiro, Timmy Tdat and a number of DJs.
His recent song Mistarillionare aims to solidify his position at the throne, but many are skeptical if he truly is the king.

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