Ababu Namwamba Embroilled In A Bizarre Incest Scandal

Ababu Namwamba Embroilled In A Bizarre Incest Scandal
In an expose ran by the Nairobian, the former legislator is alleged to have been involved with a sister in law before impregnating the sister in law's daughter.
The Chief Administrative Secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs is accused of being too intimate with close relatives to the extent of causing division in the family where he is the most influential member. His cases have been solved by village elders over the years.
The Nairobian claims that after a series of interviews with family members, close relatives, community elders and a catholic priest, the situation is very dark and his mother is said to be helpless and unable to save the situation.
Ababu Namwamba allegedly was involved with the wife of Johnny Namwamba. The wife, after leaving his husband, had a girl. The girl was later allegedly impregnated by Ababu Namwamba. At the time of the girl's death, her school fees was being paid by the former ODM's secretary general.
The story was first reported by The Nairobian and Daily Updates has nothing to do with its origins or ends.
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