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How Moses Wetangula's Arrogance Cost Him Plum Job

How Moses Wetangula's Arrogance Cost Him Plum Job

Bungoma Senator is a man under siege after ODM senators ousted him from his position of Senate Minority leader and replaced him with Siaya Senator James Orengo.
While Moses Wetangula tried to make the issue a matter of Orange Democratic Movement bullying other members of the NASA coalition because of their numbers advantage in both of the houses, it is now emerging that Moses Wetangula is an arrogant man who is dismissive of others and very hard to work with.
Senator Moses Wetangula is the only senator elected on a Ford Kenya ticket and therefore many felt that he was undeserving of the position. It was thought that Raila Odinga would reign on his army to go slow on Moses Wetangula but in open defiance they went ahead to vote out the man.
During a NASA meeting called to save him, Moses Wetangula pleaded with the senators to reverse their decision and even went ahead to apologize to anyone who had been caught by friendly fire when he was carrying  out his mandate.
The senators were adamant and Narok Senator Olekina Ledama told him to his face that there was nothing that was going to change their mind.
It is believed that Moses Wetangula sealed his fate when he decided to confront and address Raila Odinga with unmatched arrogance and hostility during a NASA meeting that was held after Raila - Uhuru handshake. Raila Odinga's fans are known to be very unforgiving when Raila is crossed.
In effect, Moses Wetangula will lose Sh150,000 monthly salary. His office also had a budget and staff, was entitled to a government fueled top of the range car, six police officers attached to his two homes and him, six international trips every year, unlimited local trips, two tickets for him and his assistant every time he travels home and membership to the the business committee.
All these hefty perks will now be transferred to James Orengo who is being deputized by Kakamega Senator Malala.

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