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Governor Sonko Chokes Nairobi Cartels

Governor Sonko Chokes Nairobi Cartels

Nairobi Govenor Mike Sonko has managed to block illegal Kidero era payments worth over Sh. 800 Million Billion Shillings in the last 14 days alone according to very reliable City Hall sources.
One, Governor Sonko managed to block illegal payment of Ksh. Ksh.73,000,000/= to a prominent city law firm after obtaining a court order against Co-operative Bank stopping the payment.
Two, Governor Sonko managed to stop Central Bank from paying Ksh. 293,000,000 to a Chinese private developer who was contracted in 2011 to repair Nairobi Dam and never did. This he did through a court after CBK crooks forwarded the money against the Governor's advice not to pay.
Three, Governor Sonko secured the return of Ksh.357,000,000 meant for Bursary for city children which had been diverted to the accounts of University of Maryland whose operations in Kenya are connected to the former Governor's wife.
Four, the court ruled in favour of the County in a case instituted by Governor Sonko slashing by almost Shs11,000,000 an inflated legal fee note which had been presented to the county for payment. This also set a precedent for other pending legal fees cases worthy Billions.
This explains why cartels want Governor Sonko out of their way at all costs but Governor Sonko in his general airs simply moved his office to Machakos and stretched the long arm of government. This time not into the public coffers as his predecessors did

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