Five Myths Kenyans Have About Travel

How many countries have you traveled to? Did you know that there are 195 countries in the world?
Travel is only for the rich. That is the most common myth peddled by people who do not believe in themselves and their ability to travel the world.

In the exciting age of digital nomads and travel vloggers, we get to see videos and pictures that capture moments that other people have experienced.
While we do not know how long we shall live, one fact we should embrace is that you are a citizen of the world and you should aim to see most of it. You have every right to apply to and be invited to a country of your choice. You were born to meet other people other than your compatriots and you can go and experience the world and learn about other cultures.
Here are five myths about travel;

Travel is too expensive
Too much TV and social media make us associate travel with luxury. This is not always true. You can travel cheaply if you plan well and in advance.

When you travel you must stay in a hotel
In 2018, disruptive companies such as Airbnb have made accommodation more affordable and you can get a fantastic experience at a very low price.

Travel is dangerous for women
This is the danger of a single story. Many believe that traveling is dangerous for women and they might be attacked etc. However, as long as you take the necessary precautions, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is do some prior research of your destination. In addition, many women have successfully traveled alone.

You can only travel while young and single
You might be married and with 5 kids but if you plan well, you can still travel. Take advantage of available deals and combine efforts to raise more funds to cater for your family. Bonding in a distant location is something you will appreciate for the rest of your lives.

Package deals are the best deals
While economies of scale make package deals cheaper in some instances, there is one disadvantage. Package deals lack the flexibility of an independently organized trip. Plan on your own and you can squeeze much more into your schedule and can even bump into new things and new people.

So get a passport if you do not have one and pack your bags. You did not come to this earth to be stuck in one corner. The world is your playground so go yee forth and explore.

Are there any other myths you have debunked? Comment below.

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