My First Unsettling Experience With Google's Artificial Intelligence

The new notification scared the daylights out of me. There was only one explanation for this. Gmail had smartly read through my document and picked out dates, locations and other details. She/He/It then decided to update my calendar for me. Thanks, that was not scary at all.

Google has pumped a lot of resources into artificial intelligence and the outcomes are breathtaking. Earlier, we got a glimpse of Google Duplex, a smart robot that can make phone calls on your behalf and even make bookings for you. While this seemed a development in the distant future, it might be closer than we think. I believe when a tech company releases technology to the world, it's usually the most stable version and not necessarily the most advanced version. Google is miles ahead.

A few months ago I traveled out for work and my travel agent sent me my itinerary through my work email. I downloaded it to my PC and true to my forward-thinking nature, I uploaded the document to my Gmail then sent it to myself. This was my fall back plan in case I lost my itinerary during my flight or elsewhere. I would go to the nearest internet cafe or use my phone to download the itinerary and reference numbers.
I went on with my work then at about 3pm, I received a notification in my email. My google calendar had been updated with details of where I would be for the next few weeks. In addition, all my flight times were integrated into my calendar.
I thought I had the freedom to add events to my calendar. Google bots had gone through the document, 'verified' my name and updated my calendar for me. Make life easier, huh?
So it's possible during the numerous 'privacy updates' i agreed to something I am not aware of. I did not read the Terms and Conditions. Just like you. I just skimmed through the first few lines and clicked on 'I Agree'.
Now I see what I agreed to.
Please do not read my documents again. Thank you.

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