Types Of Headache And When You Should Be Worried

Described as a sensation of pain in any region of the head, headaches are as common as grains of sand on the beach. However, there are several types of headaches, and identifying what afflicts you is the first step in knowing what to do.

Often, headaches may occur just on one side of the head or spread out and may be sudden or a slow process that may last anything from a few minutes to even days.
The first thought many get when they have a headache is asking where the painkiller medication is. Unfortunately, this creates a dependency on pharmaceutical drugs that may not be good for you in the long run. Sometimes, headaches can go away with simple remedies such as sleep and drinking water.

Types of headache by location

We suffer from numerous types of headaches and before you seek medical attention or ignore your pain, here are some of the types you can identify on your own:

Front of your Head
Tension headache
Eye strain
Sinus headache
Dehydration headache

Temples (side of your head)
Tension headaches
Ice-pick headache
Cervicogenic headache (is mainly as a result of another physical condition)

Back of your Head
Cervicogenic headache
Tension headache
Dehydration headache

Middle/Top of your head
Tension-type headache
Ice pick headache
Cough headache
Exertion headache
Coital (intercourse) headache

One Side
Cluster headaches (occur in cyclical patterns or clusters, are one of the most painful types of headache).

You should visit a medical professional if your headaches cause any of the following;

  • Prevent you from sleeping, working or from being involved in normal activities
  • They are more painful than normal
  • They happen more frequently than before
  • They do not respond to drugs you buy over the counter
  • They leave you distressed and you are looking for more treatment options

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