Just Like The Phillipines, We Will Show You No Mercy, Sri Lanka Tells Drug Dealers.

The president of Sri Lanka has said that the country will begin measures that will see drug offenders and traffickers being hung. He added that they would wish to “replicate the success” in the Philippines where President Rodrigo Duterte has overseen a bloody war against drugs.

“Going forward, we are going to hang drug traffickers,” Maithripala Sirisena announced to his cabinet and mentioned that he “was ready to sign the death warrants” of serial drug offenders.

“We were told that the Philippines has been successful in deploying the army and dealing with this problem. We will try to replicate their success,” they said.

Since 2016, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has implemented deadly measures on suspected drug traffickers. Since he came into power, his administration has allowed the extrajudicial killings of hundreds of offenders. Official figures state that more than 4,000 suspects died and the number could be higher.
Authorities admit that Sri Lanka needs a tougher approach on drug trafficking before the country's role as an international drug transit hub strengthens.

Amnesty International condemns the decisions saying it is against human rights.

Dinushika Dissanayake, Amnesty International, mentioned in a statement that “By resuming executions after more than 4 decades, Sri Lanka will ruin their reputation.” He added that the Sri Lankan government should stop all plans to carry executions and elaborate how exactly the death penalty should be implemented.”

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