Al Jazeera Declares That Octopizzo Is Nairobi's Rap King

In a video uploaded on their Twitter handle, Aljazeera tweeted that Octopizzo is Nairobi's Rap King. Octopizzo, whose real name is Henry Ohanga, is one of the most famous hip-hop artists in East Africa.
Octopizzo grew up in Kibera, Nairobi, which is one of the largest slums in Africa. Following his success in the music industry, Octopizzo is keen on fighting the stigma associated with residents of the slum.
He mentions how growing up in Kibera is difficult and how teachers and parents discourage their children telling them that they can never succeed. It is this culture of pessimism that the musician wants to fight and teach that if he made it, then anyone else who works hard can make it.
The incessant reminders of the hopelessness in the area make children resign and actually believe that they cannot be successful.
Orphaned at a tender age of 15, Octopizzo resorted to crime to fend for himself but his passion for music created his breakthrough.
The post-election violence of 2007 in Kenya saw him record his first track, "voices of Kibera" and he gained fame even participating in several advertising campaigns.
He believes that being born in Kibera shaped him to be the rapper he is and he involves family and friends who live there in his videos.
Furthermore, he supports upcoming talent and helps them produce tracks and develop their skills in making music.
Visit his Youtube channel for his latest music videos

Below is the video by Aljazeera;

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