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Lamba Lolo Song Hits 1 Million Views On Youtube

We saw it coming. We labeled the song a hit. We were right. Lamba Lolo, a raunchy tune unleashed by seemingly unknown artists from Nairobi has hit a million views on Youtube. Yeah, that's right. The music video has garnered more views than your favorite artiste's video since it was uploaded on May 31, 2018.
Before that, nobody had heard of them. Now they are everywhere.

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Swat, Rekles, Seska and Zilla thought it was brilliant to do a playful video while sucking onto lollipops and in their imagination, they must have had modest ambitions.
Less than two months later, Kenyans have shown that they cannot get enough of the song and it has become a great, one that will stay fresh for a long time.
While they belted out their lyrics inside the studio, only the heavens knew that they were creating a masterpiece.
What a way to announce their arrival. What a way to show that talent can be the only thing you need to make your breakthrough.
Congratulations to them and may they have the discipline and creativity to make art that will bring smiles to our faces.

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Viewers on Youtube only had positive comments for the lads;

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