Haters, Elodie Zone Wants You To Know She Poops Every Morning [VIDEO]

Haters, Elodie Zone Wants You To Know She Poops Every Morning

Are you one of those people that spew hate on Elodie Zone’s Instagram page. Do you epitomize the hate that she can’t get rid of no matter how hard she tries? She has a message for you; at the end of it all she still poops in the morning.

And all you that keep reminding her of the past (her past is almost entirely Sean Andrew Kibaki), she has a message for you too; She has the best boyfriend in the world.

Elodie Zone is doing very well in her life currently, or so she claims. In fact, she is doing so well she that she even offers some money making tips on her Instagram. Are you poor? Do you want to advance your career? Please stop everything you are doing. Put a pause on your life and rush to Elodie Zone’s Instagram and get the tips. Grasp as much as you can. Instagram stories only last for 24 hours. What a privilege to be part of these 24 hours!

I subscribe to Elodie’s school of thought. I take her lectures very seriously. She has the best job in the world. NRG radio is “lit” and anyone who works for them is an influencer. How cool is that! Did you even know that she is picked to work on a German car? Head over to her Instagram and find out.

We all have 24 hours in a day.

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