Nasty Fallout: How Khaligraph Jones Conned Msupa S - DAILY UPDATES

Nasty Fallout: How Khaligraph Jones Conned Msupa S

Nasty Fallout: How Khaligraph Jones Conned Msupa S

An exclusive interview with a close confidant of Msupa S reveals behind the scene happenings that led to a naive Msupa S losing all the royalty rights to a hit song whose success relied almost entirely on her 5 seconds of fame.
Khaligraph Jones, according to our mole, connived to benefit from Msupa S who was trending on social media and the mainstream. He convinced the Bomet based lady to appear in a song with him and even wrote her lyrics.
While Msupa S appeared to be the lead artist in the song, she was in fact a mere click-bait to draw people to Khaligraph Jones' YouTube channel.
The song which has since amassed more than one million views and still counting remains one of the most watched songs by Khaligraph Jones only rivaled by the one he did with his ex-girlfriend Cashy.
Daily Updates can now exclusively reveal that the person we talked to from Msupa S' camp said that Msupa S has not received any proceeds from the song in form of YouTube revenue or payments from live performances by Khaligraph Jones.
"Msupa S was made to hastily sign a contract when she met with Khaligraph Jones in studio in Buruburu. They went ahead to record the audio for the song and shot the video the next day. All these happened so fast we did not have time to go through the contract. The contract, as we came to realize with grief later, denied Msupa S any rights to the song. She cannot claim royalties from it. Khaligraph also wanted us to sign with his label under terms we were not comfortable with."
Msupa S has since moved on and released a song dubbed I Don't Care. When asked about her relationship with Jones on Citizen TV over the weekend, she was hesitant to respond but went ahead to say she would never speak negatively about the OG.
Khaligraph Jones has cut ties with several artists he has worked with including Cashy and Petra. He cited family issues as the reason for the strained relationship between him and Petra.
Daily Updates intends to keep its sources anonymous as requested by the said sources.

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