EXCLUSIVE: The Real Identity of Captain Frisk of Team Mafisi Telegram Revealed

For close to three years now, Captain Frisk has reigned terror on those individuals who take naked photos of their bodies. Captain Frisk provided a platform for disgruntled lovers to expose their adversaries in ways not witnessed in Africa before.
Through his channel Alphas, Betas & Omegas, Captain Frisk shared photos and videos of women and women alike in their most uncomfortable positions. In other parts of the world, this would be treated as revenge p0rn and would be a serious offence.
Despite receiving multiple threats from influential people and even being offered money to stop the hurricane, Captain Frisk went on undeterred. His numbers were skyrocketing, at some point hitting an all-time high of 90 thousand subscribers. The channel makes money by selling advertising space for the numerous scam betting channels that are on Telegram.
At some point, however, the numbers started tanking. And the photos and videos shared on the platform were ripped from adult sites. One would wonder why?
A source close to the dealings of Captain Frisk told us exclusively the happenings responsible for the change in the Telegram channel.
The real Captain Frisk sensing the dangers of the paths he was treading decided to sell the channel on 12th November 2017. The deal included him giving up the phone he was using to run the channel along with his username. This was agreed on by the two parties to ensure continuity because no one would notice any change in administration.
The deal was inked long before the actual handover took place but the real Captain Frisk was left to handle the channel as the new owner learnt the trade. Captain Frisk conducted tests between February of that year and November to see people’s reaction. He did this in the way of letting the new owner run the channel using another username. He always explained that he was held up somewhere and that the new admin would be in charge temporarily.
Daily Updates can now authoritatively reveal the identity of the owner of the channel. The owner of the Alphas, Betas & Omegas, according to our source, is a famous vlogger who came into the limelight by posting funny videos about the life of young single men in Kenya. He also runs a facebook page where he posts the same videos he posts on Youtube.

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