Did NRM General Miguna Work With Dreaded NIS? Shocking Confession

Did NRM General Miguna Work With NIS? Shocking Confession

After the Twitter battle between economist David Ndii and Miguna Miguna raged on, a shocking claim came to light. As unconfirmed as it is, David Ndii must have had a reason why he chose to use it.

Miguna spoke of how David Ndii acted like a coward:
That's naive. @DavidNdii has been in Kenya from August 8, 2017 to date. He was in Kenya when my house was destroyed, I was abducted, detained, tortured and forced out of Kenya. He never even went to court or my house. Let him start the revolution and stop behaving like a coward.

— Dr. Miguna Miguna (@MigunaMiguna) March 26, 2019
I thought we are agreed I no revolutionary, why you appealing to me? You opportunistically jumped onto our protest after failed run for office and voting for Kenyatta. You got your 15 mins of fame. Now, Mr. Che Guevera take that and your NIS bots and head for the hills.

— David Ndii (@DavidNdii) March 26, 2019

David Ndii mentions Miguna's NIS bots.

In another tweet, he again mentions the intelligence service NIS.
Now that you bring the mole subject up, did the NIS sponsor your first book on Raila? Did you meet Gichangi on the same? Please reflect on your responses carefully.

— David Ndii (@DavidNdii) March 26, 2019

What do we not know?


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Did NRM General Miguna Work With Dreaded NIS? Shocking Confession

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