Mogadishu Bleeds As Al Shabaab Attack 7 Times In A Bloody Week

Mogadishu Bleeds As Al Shabaab Attack 7 Times In A  Bloody Week

Harsh sirens tore through Mogadishu's afternoon air as ambulances raced to an explosion scene. This is a developing story and so far at least 11 have been reported dead in the Somali capital. A respected journalist believes that this is all Al Shabaab.

The news broke:

 @HarunMaruf this seems to be every day now - at leat in last week. Does it suggest a sustained, ongoing AS campaign against FGS with no answer? If so - why now?

— Rageh Omaar (@ragehomaar) March 28, 2019

 There could be several reasons including one you mentioned - a)they sense serous lapses and want to build momentum, b) they smuggled lots of bombs into the city lately and want to cause havoc, c) also possible that they may have lost key figures in airstrikes and want revenge.

— Harun Maruf (@HarunMaruf) March 28, 2019

Mogadishu attacks:
March 21: Car bomb kills civil engineer
March 23: Complex attack kills 15
March 23: Two IEDs kill 2 in ex-Cobtrol
March 25: Car bomb kills Univ. staffer
March 26: Car bomb kills 14yo boy
March 27: IED kills 1, Police Cmdr survives
March 28: Car bomb kills 11

— Harun Maruf (@HarunMaruf) March 28, 2019

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