How A Kenyan DJ Almost Raped A Girl He Claims He Bought Drinks But Refused To Go Home With Him

How A Kenyan DJ Almost Raped A Girl He Claims He Bought Drinks But Refused To Go Home With Him

So last night as I'm driving out of Mercury I notice some commotion outside. This girl is being dragged across the parking lot by a heavily built guy as another girl is running after him crying, pleading with him. There's another two guys following behind pleading with heavyset guy.
Heavyset guy drags the girl some meters away and is visibly violent with those around him. I pull up next to them and ask one of the other two guys what's going on. He says heavyset is trying to rape the girl because he bought her drinks and now she's refused to go home with him!

I pull over and jump out to go help. So I ask heavyset what the problem is and he reiterates that she must go with him or pay the money back.

I ask him how much money tumlipe then he say(wait for it) 7K! He's now yelling at me, all the way belligerent saying, 'anilipe hiyo 7K ama naenda na yeye kwa nguvu!'

So one of the othere guys is hella worked up and yelling at heavyset, 'huwezi fanya hivyo! Hiyo ni rape! Huwezi rape dame maze!' Heavyset is now pulling the girl by her hair trying to force her into a black Fielder.

He's much bigger than all of us so it's obvious we can't take him down. the other girl is now hysterical crying and begging us to help them saying, 'he's trying to rape my cousin because he bought us drinks in the club and she won't go home with him.'

Some dudes try to help but heavyset starts hitting all of us as he drags the girl. I start yelling for help and ask the parking lot guards to help us.

Meanwhile, heavyset is yelling, 'sikuachilii. lazima niende na wewe. Unafikiria hizo drinks zilikua za bure? Lazima!'

By this time, folks on the @MercuryABC terrace are watching but no one is coming out to help. Heavyset has a bouncers body and perhaps inebriated so he's overpowering all of us saying he must rape her and there's nothing we're going to do.

We continue screaming and finally the @MercuryABC bouncers come to help. They pull him off the girl and as one of the other guys tryies to stop him, he swings at him and starts hitting him and grabs the girl back!

The bouncers and parking lot guards manage to overpower him again and we tell the girls to RUN! Poor girls are hysterical and still crying so they hesitate and he tries to grab her again.

Thankfully, bouncers stop him and the girls manage to get away. We're left with heavyset swinging at everyone and one of the other guys trying to get back at him.

So one of the other guys is yelling 'rapist' at heavyset and telling him, 'huwezi fanyia hivyo madem ati juu amekataa kwenda nawewe!' Heavyset is yelling back, 'lazima! si amekunywa drinks!'

Turns out even these twp other guys don't know the girls found heavyset trying to rape her and of course had to help. Says his cousin was raped and it was the most painful thing and he can't let it happen on his watch.

One waiter tells me the girls went back inside so I go to look for them so I can drop them off somewhere/get them an Uber since the maniac is still fighting people in the parking lot asking for 'haki yangu.'

I didn't find the girls but the @MercuryABC staff know heavyset because he used to play there a while back and tell me his name is @DJeejayEazyb!

This story was witnessed and told by Twitter user, Queen of Saigon.

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