If Countries Were Computer Hardware. An Epic Analogy By A Kenyan Computer Science Professor

If Countries Were Computer Hardware. An Epic Analogy By A Kenyan Computer Science Professor

Dr Mbogo graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town. She holds an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Kenya Methodist University.
If countries were computer hardware. A thread. 😀

Kenya would not be plug and play. It would require 47 different types of drivers to be installed for it to function - but only 3 of them would work as described on the package. The rest would often make the hardware unusable, forcing the users to find alternative manufacturers.

Uganda would be a non-Qwerty keyboard that has been used for over 30 yrs. And even though everyone else has long upgraded to modern keyboards, that are wireless, with backlight, and even foldable, its users are stuck with numerous wires, & hardware they cannot use in a blackout.

Tanzania would be a recently acquired new monitor, supposedly non-staining, supposedly clearer. However, what they purchased is a bulky cathode ray monitor that only displays commands that have been pre-programmed. Any any new thing causes a blue empty screen.

Rwanda would be an Internet of Thing (IoT), new & really ready to rock the world. Users have to conform to its REEE standard (they do not use IEEE), install and use it exactly how they've been asked to. Else, their sections of the network gets removed.

South Africa would be a refurbished Mac Laptop, very promising on the outside, but needs users to re-learn many things to use it. You also have to purchase 10 different devices to connect it to mainstream hardware, but periodically rejects externally plugged devices.
Cameroon would be a floppy disk. It is often missing in action because most computers cannot use it.

Nigeria would be a hard drive with many bad hard disk sectors. When it works, it is exceptional. When it doesn't, you'll get a “CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 419)” message. As you wait, all your passwords will be changed to “yahoo boys” & sent to a hundred other people.

Sudan would be a laptop currently under repair. One of its most long-term problematic components has just been removed. Its users hope the laptop will successfully switch on after the removal and regain functionality.

The United Kingdom would be a computer seeking standalone status as it does not want to be part of a bus or ring topology. Currently running an algorithm to execute this process, which has failed three times. If they succeed, looks like they will have to buy their own printer.

China would brand itself as a driver that fastens the speeds of all the above countries. Did that with Kenya, and Kenya's hard drive is still making noises.

The United States would be an Arduino bot that auto-posts praise about itself on a regular basis. Problem is its libraries are not very efficient and they waste RAM and CPU cycles.

Unlike Cameroon, Zimbabwe would have been able to get with the times and replace its floppy disk drive with wireless technology. Trouble is that they did not check the compatibility of their current devices with the new technology. Not all of them are working.

This thread first appeared on the timeline of Dr Chao Mbogo on Twitter under her handle, Dr. You can read it below.

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