Ivy Wangeci Murder Awakens Blame Game Beast, Uncovering The Lies

Ivy Wangeci Murder Awakens Blame Game Beast, Uncovering The Lies

Based on half truths and theories, opinions are flooding social media. There's one side of the story : A murder. The rest are theories and what ifs. As it stands, nobody is really certain of the circumstances that led to the gruesome murder. As a result, people are taking sides, but it does not get pretty.

Side A pushes a narrative that maybe the late Ivy Wangeci had committed a sin that is unforgivable. That she had it coming. Many have speculated that she infected her killer with HIV. But is it?

Side B came quickly to say their truth. Ms Wangeci was a victim of circumstances and she did not, in anyway do any wrong but died at the hands of a brutal stalker.

Daily Updates takes a look at conversations on Twitter:

I'm not rationalizing what that Naftali guy did, but... 

1.) 3rd Feb 2019 - Rosemary Nyawira from Utalii College hired goons to rough up his boyfriend coz of cheating, they ended up killing him.

2.) Ruth Wanjiru stabbed Farid Mohammed 22 TIMES in Buruburu in Sept 2018 !!

— Kushé 🍂 (@Lennykush) April 10, 2019

While seeking for scapegoats, this has turned into a discussion of who is wrong and is right. Yet it's all wrong : Nobody deserves death and this kind of disrespect without facts.

The entire team of Daily Updates prays for strength for the family and friends of Ivy Wangeci. May she rest in peace and may justice be served.

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