Did BBC Run A Scripted Documentary On Night Running In Luoland?

Did BBC Run A Scripted Documentary On Night Running In Luoland?

The much awaited documentary, produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation, on the life of night runners in Luoland has finally been released and Kenyans can't help but notice the lack of truth in the documentary.

Tom Odula, a BBC journalist, and his camera crew follow a supposed night running couple in their night mischief and claim to be the only people to have ever recorded night runners while in action.

People we talked to, and those who have experienced night running by virtue of coming from regions where the ritual is practiced have poked holes at the documentary saying it was anything but real.

The night runners are known to run naked. In the BBC documentary, they were fully clothed and the lady in the video even had time to rock her leggings. Instead of doing what the people with that kind of mental illness do, she was serving the viewers her looks!

Night runners also reportedly become possessed in their line of duty and are said to shake uncontrollably, jump and roll on the ground. BBC's models were visibly in their right state of mind and even had time to complain of pain brought about by falling down.

The complaints coming from the occupants of the house the night runners were throwing stones and soil at also suggested that the disturbers were not night runners.

An old lady can be heard wondering loudly if that was really a night runner because she had thrown an unusually big stone at the roof.

Many Kenyans have accused the BBC of focusing on stories with shock value and ones that portray Africans in bad light.

And please, what is night running without the night runner riding on the back of a wild wounded hippopotamus? 

You can watch the documentary here.
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