Feeling Unhappy At Home? These Are The Signs You Have Toxic Parents!

Feeling Unhappy At Home? These Are The Signs You Have Toxic Parents!

Forms of toxic parenting that need to come to an end. This thread could be triggering for some so please read and share with caution!

Not apologizing to your children when you mess up. Nobody is perfect. Not even parents. Parents mess up too but too many of them don’t like to own up to their wrong doings and simply refuse to apologize to their kids. This is toxic because you’re teaching your children that because they’re your kids and that you’re older, that they aren’t owed apologies and that their feelings don’t matter.

Treating your kids as property and extensions of yourself rather than human beings. Your kids are not objects or extensions of you. They’re human beings that WILL have their own sense of self, beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. You need to accept that.

Telling your daughters to “cover up” when you have male family members or any male guests in general come over. You’re teaching your daughter that if she is sexually harassed or assaulted, it’s her fault. Also, why invite a man into your home if you suspect he’s a creep?

Forcing your sons to be all “manly” and “macho” all the time. Basically toxic masculinity. Not allowing them to cry, express emotions, feminizing everything they do that doesn’t fit within your hyper-masculine standards.

Making your kids feel like a burden when you’re upset with them. They didn’t ask to be born and quite frankly they’re your responsibility.

Not teaching your sons how to clean and cook but making SURE that your daughters know how to clean and cook simply because they’re women and it’s their “job”. Teach your sons how to cook and clean too! That’s why so many men expect their girlfriends/wives to be second moms to them

Being extremely protective of your daughters while allowing your sons to be the men you’re trying to protect your daughters from.

The whole family and all your friends don’t need to hear from you about how badly your kid messed up. Your kid can learn from their mistakes without the extra judgement and shaming from the other half of the family and your uptight friends.

Punishing your kids online through videos, live streams etc. That actually goes BEYOND punishment. It’s abuse . You are publicly humiliating your child. Also, you are encouraging the bullies that they possibly have in their schools to bully them even more.

Using "because I said so" as reasoning with your kids. Communication skills doesn’t stop with your significant other and your friends. Give your kids actual valid reasons.

Shaving your daughters hair off as a punishment. You’re destroying her self esteem and making her the target of possible bullying at school. Just take away the phone or something.

Comparing siblings to each other and using one to uplift or bring down the other.

Blaming the oldest sibling for whatever they’re younger sibling(s) did wrong. You’re the parent. The oldest sibling isn’t a second parent and kids have minds of their own.

Denying that your child can have depression and or anxiety because they’re young and have food on the table and clothes on their back. Also thinking that it’s just a “phase."

Fathers STOP threatening every boy your daughter shows the slightest bit of interest in. At some point it’s not being “protective and caring" it’s possessiveness over your daughter and it’s creepy and weird.

Whooping your kids to the point that they flinch if you even raise your voice a little or look at them a certain way. Kids shouldn’t be terrified of their own parents.

Whooping and cursing at your kids in public. It’s humiliating, gross and so distasteful.

Shaming your kids for their interests. As long as it’s nothing bad or harmful let them enjoy things!

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