White Man Explains Why They Easily Colonized Kenya And Why The Chinese Are Doing It Again

White Man Explains Why They Easily Colonized Kenya And Why The Chinese Are Doing It Again

There has been a debate, for decades now, on what led to the colonization of Kenya, and Africa at large, and the events that took place after which saw the looting of natural resources, displacement of people and even death.

Ironically, some Africans came out of the turmoil richer than they could possibly ever be had the unfortunate events not happened.

Much has been said about a section of Kenyans selling out fellow Kenyans for quick financial gains. Such activities took back the war against colonization and made it harder to fight.

A British journalist has come out to claim that what made it easier for the British to colonize Kenya in the 20th Century is the same thing making it easier for the Chinese to capture Kenya, albeit economically this time.

Seeing the patently illegal Chinese developments going up near where I live reminds of why Kenya was so easy to colonize.
Kenya wasn't invaded; most of its land was given away to colonizers by local elites for short-term political and financial gain.
Of course, many ordinary Kenyans were less easy to colonize, as Nandi and Kikuyu resistance showed.
In other words, Kenya's people have been betrayed by their leaders far more often than they have been served by them.

Adrian Blomfield is a journalist covering Africa for Daily Telegraph and bits of it for The Economist. He was previously based in Moscow and Jerusalem. Adrian is also a director of Cavina, a
British Preparatory School located in Nairobi, Kenya for children aged three to thirteen years.

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