Officer Attached To Ruto's Office Killed In Imara Daima: What We Know So Far

Officer Attached To Ruto's Office Killed In Imara Daima: What We Know So Far Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei

The body of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei, a police officer attached to the deputy president's Harambee House Annex offices, was discovered by a househelp in Imara Daima today.

The officer, at the time of his death, occupied a servant's quarter in Villa Franca. The owner of the house realized that the officer's door had been left open for two days and sent their househelp to check if he was present.

Here's what we know so far:
  • Villa Franca Estate's Nyumba Kumi chairman Peter Amunga told the press that the officer had not been seen by neighbors for two days.
  • A neighbor, Charles Ng'ang'a claims he reported to the police after foul smell started emanating from Sergeant Kenei's house.
  • The cop was on duty when former cabinet secretary Rashid Echesa and two businessmen made entry into Harambee House Annex and signed the million dollar fake defense contract currently under scrutiny.
  • Sergeant Kenei was expected to record a statement regarding the contract but did not report to work for two days.
  • A police report claims that the death could have been a result of suicide. A note with the sentence "Call my cousin Ben" was found inside his house.
  • Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti visited the crime scene.
More details coming.

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