The End Of Rikkie As We Know Her

The End Of Rikkie As We Know Her
Rikkie was among the first YouTubers in Kenya and had massive success until an anonymous email changed her fortunes for the worst but can she reclaim her audience that moved on when she took the break?

A Kenyan YouTuber, broke down in tears asking her audience to forgive her for taking break and promised to work harder if they gave her more views. This would have been dismissed by many as an attention seeking gimmick had it not been Rikkie.

Rikkie was the most sought after YouTuber in Kenya and among the very first whose claim to fame was YouTube. But the fame soon went to her head and she started deleting some videos that drew people to her.

After the deletions followed inconsistent upload of content. The fans discovered the trend and warned her but she chose to ignore.

But the nail in the coffin came in the form of an email she received from an anonymous person claiming to be in possession of her compromising photos. The sender of the mail told her to pay Ksh40000 or else her reputation would be ruined. She had 14,000 subscribers at that time.

The video about the anonymous email has since been deleted from her channel for reasons no one knows.

Rikkie came back from her self imposed exile with a business plan. She chose to leverage her fame and launched eyelashes that had her name on them. She also had waist trainers, a product most beloved by Kenyan socialites like Vera Sidika and Risper Faith.

The products were not received with much enthusiasm owing to the fact that Rikkie is no longer famous but her video uploads have been more consistent.

We wish her the best.
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